The basketball and even the sporting world will be set ablaze tomorrow night at 10:30 P.M. EST when HBO airs the season 2 premiere of The Shop. LeBron James is the creator and star of the show and tomorrow, it will feature Antonio Brown and Anthony Davis. A clip from the episode has already been posted to YouTube, which shows Brown talking about the media and how they've portrayed him in light of the news that he wants to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Essentially, Brown is saying that the media tries to tear you down when you're up.

"That's the narrative they try to create once you doing your own thing," Brown explained. "It's like, this guy's a distraction. He's this type of guy. All I've ever been is a guy who came from Central Michigan, 6th round, who worked his ass off."

James piggybacked off of what Brown said by relating it to Davis' situation. Davis requested a trade out of New Orleans and now it appears as though the team and the media are laying blame on the superstar. LeBron even went so far as to say that maybe the Pelicans themselves are the ones making AD out to be the bad guy.

"7 years in the league, nobody's ever said anything negative about AD but you can tell when the narrative changed when you don't do what they want you to do," LeBron said. 

Regardless, Friday's episode should prove to be an interesting one, especially with the star power in the room and the drama that surrounds all of these players.