While Carmelo Anthony is preparing and training for another run at Olympic gold at the games in Rio, his pals Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul are all living it up on yachts. 

And they even got their very own "Banana Boat" snapchat filter because what good is a Summer reunion if you don't have a custom snapchat filter?

At least they decided to replace Gabrielle Union with an image of Melo on the snapchat filter though, so it's like he's there in spirit. Bros before hoes.

According to D-Wade's snapchat story, there's also a chance that the trio recreates the legendary photo before their trip is over because there's a banana boat near their yacht.

“Y’all see what’s in that water though? That banana boat,” he said, panning the camera to a banana boat in the water. “They think they’re funny.”

And for those who need a reminder about the significance of the banana boat picture...