LeBron James has been a staple at youth basketball games these days thanks to his son Bronny and his incredible skills out on the court. Over the weekend, there were two viral video circulating which showed LeBron having a ton of fun with the kids. In the first video, LeBron is throwing down dunks in the warm-up line, while in the other, he celebrated someone's dunk so hard that he ended up losing a shoe. At first glance, these videos are harmless and simply show a father who is having fun with his son. Some analysts didn't really see it that way and ended up hitting the Lakers star with some hefty criticism.


Skip Bayless of Undisputed and Jason Whitlock of Speak For Yourself were extremely critical of LeBron's antics, especially Whitlock who said: “LeBron is making a spectacle of himself, a circus of his son’s early playing days and using his son’s game as yet another platform to build a LeBron social media brand." Bayless even went so far as to say that what LeBron did was "beneath [his] dignity."


This is a pretty big overreaction to a father simply enjoying himself on the court and Twitter took notice as most people rushed to LeBron's defense. At the end of the day, LeBron is a big part of his son's life and he has taken an interest in what he does. In that regard, LeBron is one of the best fathers out there.