LeBron James is a fixture at his son's AAU games, it's no secret. But normally when in attendance, he'll either give Bronny Jr. and his teammates a boost of confidence, some advice, but nothing overly extraneous. It's LBJ's way of giving back to the community without overshadowing the amateur talent on display. Well... this past weekend, LeBron James senior wavered off track. He signaled for the ball, and within seconds of gaining its possession, LBJ launched himself in the air like an F-16, the carbon steel rim clinging to its vital signs in anticipation for the worst kind of impact: the finishing touch of a monster with cerebral reflexes.


If LBJ wanted/needed the reps couldn't he have just signed up for the Vegas Summer League? Short answer: NO! LeBron felt an itching sensation descending upon him, and did what was best for everybody, like a muscle car with a fully operational tailpipe. As Bronny, his Blue Chips AAU team dismantled the New York New Heights by a scoreline of 60-47. According to TMZ Sports. Bronny J posted a LeBron-Esque stat line of 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists during the contest. The jury's still out on LeBron James. Is he best suited as an AAU player-coach, a cheerleader, an NBA player, or the head of household on Taco Tuesday?