LeBron James has been known to get overly excited at his son Bronny's basketball games. James embodies proud dad energy at every single opportunity and over the last few weeks, said energy has been on full display. This past weekend, James was seen at one of Bronny's games although his antics during a separate game was what caught the attention of the internet. At one point during one of the games, there was an incredible alley-oop and James went absolutely bonkers, running onto the court to celebrate with the players. Funny enough, James lost his shoe in the process and had to run back onto the court to put it back on.

The whole scene was pretty hilarious and the fans behind LeBron were getting a pretty big kick out of it. Since the video was going viral, James took to Twitter to explain what happened and why he was so amped up.


"Dior/Tezzo connection knocked me out of my sneak!" LeBron wrote. "Love being around my lil bros watching them playing the game they love. But for real my shoe really jump off my foot in excitement as well on that play."

LeBron has come under fire for putting the attention on himself when in reality, it should be on the kids. It's a fair criticism but no matter where LeBron goes, he's going to be noticed so he might as well go all out. It's what everyone wants to see anyway.