Last night was a wild one for the NBA. Earlier in the day, we reported on how Rudy Gobert pulled an idiotic stunt and was eventually diagnosed with an "illness." By playing the game of percentages, I predicted that it was simply a coincidence and that Gobert was fine. Well, it turns out I was completely wrong and some of the commenters made sure to remind me that my article "didn't age well." Gobert was diagnosed with Coronavirus and in response to it all, the NBA decided to suspend the season indefinitely.

This news came as a complete shock to some of the players although it is certainly understandable. You don't want to risk any more players getting infected as it could also impact the fans and team staff. Two of the NBA's leaders, LeBron James and Steph Curry, took to Twitter where they delivered their thoughts on it all.

LeBron and Curry pointed out how 2020 has been a terrible year so far and that at the end of the day, shutdowns like this one can't be avoided. Many other players chimed in on the news as they were completely blindsided by the league's decision. Yesterday, it appeared as though the NBA was ready to play all games without fans but now, they won't even be able to do that.

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