As we head into yet another season of exciting NBA basketball, all eyes are on the Los Angeles Lakers who have struggled to make the playoffs for the vast majority of this decade. The team hasn't had the success you would expect from such a legendary franchise and last season, LeBron James was supposed to change all of that. Unfortunately, a plethora of injuries ended up hurting the Lakers and they missed the playoffs yet again. Now, the team has Anthony Davis and a whole array of stars who hope to bring the Lakers back from the dead.

The team has been practicing hard over the last few days and as you can imagine, LeBron and Davis have been the standouts. They already seem to have great chemistry and in the video below, you can see them dominating their teammates in practice. If you're a Lakers fan, you've got to be happy at the sight of this.

LeBron has faced a ton of criticism over the past year with some people suggesting he doesn't care about winning anymore. With the team's latest offseason moves in mind, it seems like LeBron is as focused on winning as ever. In their current form, the Lakers are a real contender to win it all this year and are already looking scary.

Where do you think the Lakers will finish in the Western Conference this season?