Heading into this season, the Los Angeles Lakers are considered to be one of the favorites to win the NBA Championship. Perhaps the most interesting rivalry of the season will be the two L.A. teams as the Clippers are looking pretty dangerous as well. The Lakers have a ton of new pieces on their team, including Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. LeBron James is the leaders of the team but Howard and Davis are expected to make some pretty big contributions throughout the season.

Sometimes, bonding off the court can lead to some pretty good chemistry during actual games. LeBron understands this better than anyone and yesterday, he took a trip to Las Vegas with AD and Howard in tow. They were there for a WNBA playoff game between the Las Vegas Aces and Washington Mystics. As you can imagine, all three players were sitting courtside and appeared to be having themselves a good time.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Davis spent the first part of his career playing with the New Orleans Pelicans so it will be quite the adjustment for him as he heads to the Lakers. Meanwhile, Howard has already played with the Lakers although his tenure didn't exactly go as planned. James is extremely determined to win a championship this season so he's probably out in Vegas making sure everyone is on the same page before the season starts.

For the first time in a while, Lakers fans have a reason to be excited. Only time will tell whether or not these players will mess well together.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images