Former NBA player Larry Sanders says he believes J. Cole has a legitimate chance to make the NBA. Master P confirmed the rapper was training to try out for an NBA team earlier this month.

Larry Sanders, J. ColeJason Miller / Getty Images

"I do [think he has a shot]," for real," Sanders told TMZ. "I've seen him hoop before in some games. I know he took the game seriously when he was younger and he always rapped about it. So, that's dope. I'm excited to see that. You always see guys crossover from the NBA to music, but you don't see guys crossover from music to the NBA. So, this will be dope if he accomplishes this."

Sanders played in the NBA for six seasons. He was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010.

Sanders continued by offering advice for Cole: "It's gon' be just like the music game. Me doing music, everybody kinda laughed at me. Everybody kinda went at my head and challenged me. I had to prove myself," he said. "He gonna have to put himself out there and accept the challenge of everybody that's a professional coming at his head."

Cole can be seen hooping in a Puma commercial shown below.