Larry Nassar has just experienced another legal defeat, as the former USA gymnastics doctor was just sentenced to an additional 40-125 years in prison for sexually abusing a slew of female athletes/patients. This comes less than two weeks after he was initially given 40-175 years for similar crimes, which the judge memorably declaring the sentencing his "death warrant."

This newest conviction specifically addresses the sexually-perverted acts he committed while working at Twistars USA Gymnastics Club in Lansing, Michigan. 

All throughout last week, Nassar faced dozens of his alleged victims as they rallied together to list off the traumatizing abuse they endured while in the ex-doctor's care. Most famously, a father of three of the girls who voiced their individual experiences with Nassar tried to attack him in the courtroom upon hearing what egregious acts of sexual abuse his daughters endured. The man was luckily pardoned by the judge and apologized for his outburst, which was inevitably fuelled by an infuriating sense of anger. 

Nassar issued an apology to his victims in court, but the judge did not seem to be particularly moved by his words, telling him "I am not convinced that you understand what you did was wrong. Clearly you are in denial. You don't get it."

View his apology below, and decide for yourself whether it comes from a place of anguish and guilt.