Just yesterday, JR Smith was waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers which means he is now a free agent and can join pretty much any team he wants, as long as they want him too. Smith has had an interesting career in the NBA, to say the least, and spent the last few years with the Cavs where he won an NBA championship. After last year's NBA Finals fiasco, Smith was on thin ice with the team and spent the vast majority of last season on the bench. His departure from the Cavs was inevitable and yesterday was the final nail in the coffin.

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported by Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports that Smith would most likely end up with the Los Angeles Lakers and reunite himself with LeBron James. Well, according to a short and sweet tweet from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, that couldn't be further from the truth.


As far as Woj bombs go, this was pretty tame and kind of out of left field. It's rare the ESPN reporter tweets about transactions that aren't going to happen, so fans were suspicious that perhaps the Lakers wanted to distance themselves from Smith. Either way, the fans had a ton of fun in Woj's comments and had some pretty hilarious memes in reaction to the news.

You have to feel for Smith who is simply a loveable NBA character who found himself at the center of one of the worst plays in NBA history.