Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is receiving some backlash for his recent comments about hand sanitizer because this is the world we live in now. According to Kuz, the bottled germ killers that everybody has been rushing to purchase during the coronavirus pandemic are nothing more than a scam to make even more money for companies such Gojo Industries, which manufactures Purell.

Kuzma’s controversial IG story featured a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer along with the following message for his 4.7 million followers, “Now y’all finally finding out companies been taking money from us for years. This don’t work."

Kuzma's comments quickly made it to the front page of reddit, as one user remarked that the 24-year old forward "could have blood on his hands" if others follow his advice.

“Not the most intelligent message to be putting out there during a global pandemic," wrote one Reddit user (H/T Heavy.com). "If Kyrie or Gobert said something like this this sub would explode. Should Kuzma face repercussions for putting out this dangerous and misleading information? If senior citizens see this post and stop using hand sanitizer Kuzma could have blood on his hands.”

Check out some of the other reactions to Kuzma's hand sanitizer hot take below and remember to wash those hands!