While Hollywood’s biggest names were at the forefront of the 90th Academy Awards this year, Lakeith Stanfield was quietly stealing all of the show’s thunder while tweeting backstage.

You’ll recall that Stanfield is known for his role in the film Get Out in which he yells out the title phrase at the main character, portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya, nominated for Best Actor this year.

If you happened to miss the ceremonies happening on the screen, Lakeith kept it locked with the play-by-play from backstage, tweeting out hilarious updates, letting us know that “everyone at the Oscars got they bow ties too tight,” and expressing his happiness with seeing co-star Daniel Kaluuya “beaming.”

He was apparently fed up with all the “diversity” questions being asked as well, joking that he’d be “diversifying” his “bitch slappin technique” if presented with another prompt on the topic.

Soon enough, we’d be treated to a Stanfield cameo onstage where Jimmy Kimmel’s ongoing joke on long acceptance speeches was bolstered with an instance of threatening to have Lakeith yell out his famous “Get Out” line to anyone taking too long on the stage.

After leaving the stage, the tweets continued. He’d take the opportunity to roast his own attire and even detail a chance encounter with Taraji P. Henson. It all makes for one funny ass thread, as is the norm for the man known for his portrayal of the eclectic character Darius on FX’s Atlanta series. If you aren’t already, you might as well click the “follow” button on his page. It’ll be the wisest decision you make for a while.