Def Jam's been touting Florida's Lajan Slim as their "future star," and with the success of his previous single "Haitians," it's easy to believe the hype. The Miami born artist originally turned to the arts, explaining “when I was around five or so years old I started to become fascinated with creative things around art. I was into drawing, dancing and all of the performing arts.” 

Later, after going through some familial turmoil, Lajan turned to hip-hop. While he began recording songs with a Guitar Hero mic, he eventually worked up enough money to prepare a home studio. “I was paying rent, hustling and recording,” states Lajan, reflecting on his come up. “I ended up raising my money up through putting out mixtapes.” After one of his tracks, "Quik Pik" ended up blowing up, Lajan began popping up on various tastemaker's radars. "Haitians" ultimately sent his career to the next level, and the game changed when Def Jam records got involved. Now, his Hood Olympians mixtape has the rapper buzzing, especially in Florida.

After securing co-signs from Drake, Meek Mill, Pusha T and Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon, Lajan is intent on keeping his legacy alive. The rapper is currently working hard on his upcoming mixtape, which he describes as "cinematic." 

If you're still unclear about exactly who Lajan Slim might be, let the music speak for itself. Check out his new single, "Snapping and Scoring" in the video below, and stay tuned for what promises to be his most accomplished project yet.