Though 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj's "FEFE" is enjoying an impressive run across the charts, it would appear that one station is having none of it. The LA Leakers, known for hosting some truly gully freestyle sessions, have taken a strict anti-Tekashi stance; some might argue 6ix9ine brought it upon himself, after making disparaging comments about YG and The Game.

"I don't really agree with what he said about our city," says Justin Credible, DJ of the popular LA Leakers show on Power 106. "Nobody who disrespects L.A. or my homies is getting any play on my show. So, yo Game, yo YG, you got my word tonight. You will not hear this clown on my show." 

However, Credible did find a loophole, opting to play Nicki Minaj's verse; a band-air solution to be sure, and a slightly eyebrow raising one. I'm not exactly sure whether playing an incomplete song still counts toward streaming numbers, but either way, such actions are merely perpetuating decades-old feuds. Naturally, it's understandable that 6ix9ine is not exactly L.A.'s favorite person, given his beef with some of the region's most respected OGs. Yet to deprive the masses of one of the country's most popular songs over pride feels counterproductive to building harmony. 

While one has to respect Credible's sense regional pride, it's alarming to think that such divides still exist in hip-hop. It's been years since the notorious East Vs. West era. Is there really a point in reopening old wounds? That's not to defend 6ix9ine's inflammatory comments, but lest we forget, Nicki Minaj hails from New York, and Murda Beatz is Canadian. Let the young Canuck secure his loonies.