Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry appear to be at odds over their understanding of Golden State's scintillating 115-111 victory over the Boston Celtics. With the Win, the Warriors improved to a perfect 10-0 over their last ten games, while the Boston Celtics were left to ponder "missing ingredients" in the wake of their loss. Of all the strongwilled characters on the Celtics' roster, it was Kyrie Irving who once again spoke the loudest, but this time his words aimed to discredit the opposition and not his own teammates.

Kyrie firmly believes the Warriors benefited from all the fortuitous bounces that came their way. "They had poise but they also got pretty lucky too," he told the press after the game. In the adjacent press room, Steph Curry prepared for his media session under the auspices of a spirit-building WIN - so it was with a mild chagrin that he took Kyrie's criticism upon himself. 

At the suggestion that he and his teammates got "pretty lucky" down the final stretch, Curry shrugged and answered, "He said we got lucky? Pretty lucky? I don't know what that means, in terms of just forcing them into tough shots, I mean, they could have made them."

But he didn't stop at that. "Those turnovers really could have hurt us, but over the course of 48 (minutes) we gave ourselves a good opportunity to win the game." What both Kyrie or Steph failed to mention is that of all the teams in the association, it's the Celtics who wear the clover, but a poor attitude negates its power. Could this be a foreshadowing of NBA Finals to come?