After a family trip to the cinema to watch the critically-acclaimed film, Black Panther. The Kardashian-West family was pestered by the paparazzi on the way back to their vehicles. The particular topic of conversation today: Kylie Jenner's involvement in Snapchat's stock drastically dropping. Having invaded their family time, the celebrities weren't having it.

As they were approached by the paps, Kanye cut one off mid-sentence requesting for "no comments." As the family separates and head toward their own cars, a paparazzo tries to engage both Kourtney and Kanye regarding Snapchat. Kanye had to remind the poor soul, "I said no comments, bro. No comments please. They keep throwing my day off." The pap returns to bother Kourtney as she enters her car, only to be met with complete silence as he retells the Snapchat/Kylie woes.

Snap Inc.'s financial troubles don't seem to be of a concern to the stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After Kylie Jenner tweeted out that she no longer checks in with the app, the company's shares had a sharp 7% decrease, equating to $1.5 billion. Snap Inc.'s stock has since risen in value, ending Thursday night at only a 6% loss. Kylie was one of the most popular figures using the app. Now fans will have to keep up with her life elsewhere.

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