There is a lot of debate surrounding Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray and whether or not the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback will succeed in the NFL. He already has a contract with the Oakland Athletics of the MLB which means the young athlete will have to make a crucial decision about which sport he wants to play. It's a tough decision considering Murray is great at both sports, but some believe he could stand to make more money playing football. NFL legend Warren Moon was asked by TMZ Sports about Murray, with Moon saying Murray would be perfect for the NFL.

"The game has changed and it's right up his alley," Moon said. "They're doing the things that he did in college, and because they're doing those things, he'll just transition right into the NFL game."

For now, it appears that Murray is leaning more towards playing football which for Moon makes sense because "He'll just transition right into the NFL game." He also said he isn't worried about Murray's size because his play more than makes up for it.

The first round of the NFL Draft goes down on April 25th and Murray is projected to go early so it will be interesting to see which team he ends up with. If he were to be drafted by the Raiders, there is the possibility he become a two-sport athlete like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.