When it comes to engaging hip-hop discourse, few have the ground covered like West Coast legend and Slaughterhouse alumni KXNG Crooked. During his downtime from the studio, Crook has successfully turned his Twitter page into a platform dedicated to fan interaction and thought-provoking discussion on the topic of all things hip-hop. After stating that the anniversary of 9/11 had him reflecting on conspiracy theories, Crook opened the floor for fans to flood his timeline with their own favorites from the rap world, culminating in more than a few resurfaced gems.

Maury Phillips/BET/Getty Images

Kicking things off with an old favorite, Crook wonders whether the "2Pac Is Alive" theory holds the crown as the most widely-believed hip-hop conspiracy. Not long after, he came through with a list of some of the greatest hits, sparking off some truly outlandish theory-crafting in the process. "According to rap conspiracies.. Jay is in the Illuminati," he begins, kicking things off with a modern classic -- though let's be honest, the Illuminati conspiracies are hardly exclusive to the Jigga Man. "Em OD’d years ago and now we have been seeing a clone.. Pac faked his death.. Erykah Badu’s passion fruit makes rappers find themselves.. Rakim wrote Summertime for Will Smith.. Suge injected Eazy with the aids virus.."

When one fan inquires deeper about the Rakim one, Crook admits that many were convinced of its authenticity. "We all believed it for years until he said he didn’t lol," says Crook. "That flow was inspired by the god emcee tho I don’t care what they say!" Check out his tweets below, and sound off with your own favorite hip-hop conspiracies in the comments below.