Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick share three children together and have continued to co-parent successfully as they've both had new relationships. Kourtney is currently single while Scott is still with Sofia Richie and during a Bali family trip, the exes went to a renowned local healer, Mas Joko, where they were deemed "soulmates."

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“I normally don’t like this type of stuff,” Kourtney said in the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, via People. “But I’m really trying to connect and improve my relationships.” Mas Joko revealed to the exes that they have “very strong bond” calling them “soulmates.”

“For a very long time her and I were in a relationship romantically and we had three children,” Scott explained. “Then we split about three years ago, and for the past couple of years we’ve been trying to make things work and I think we’re doing a much better job now than we were.” Scott further detailed how he feels puzzled since he's in another relationship, while Kourtney detailed how "it's a lot to think about.”

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As for Khloe's opinion on the matter, she says she would feel a type of way if she were Sofia. 

“If I was Sofia, I would be so insecure,” Khloe told Scott in the episode. “I don’t care how confident you are. It’s weird if you’re Sofia.” As for Kim Kardashian, she thinks Scott and Kourtney are best apart. 

“I like Kourtney and Scott being separate,” Kim said in the episode. “You can have soulmates in your life but then reality sets in, and I do think they are separated for a reason and I hope things don’t get awkward.”