Kodak Black's volatile nature has led to serious accusations in the past. Now, the Florida rapper is shaking off allegations that he is gay. A man has shared photos of the two together and claims to be his boyfriend.

Kodak took to social media to dispel the rumor.

Though he doesn't address the story directly, he does warn his followers about "fake ones." The man claiming to be his paramour goes by the Instagram handle @sgmybloodline. He has posted photos of himself and a shirtless Kodak arm in arm. He's even posted a screenshot where he Facetimes the Pompano Beach emcee.

He claims that he and Kodak have been "dead feeling each other" and included lurid details of their supposed relationship. Other than the tame photos, the Kodak-lover has no other proof of his supposed relationship with Kodak. We'll keep you posted in case this story develops.