It's well documented that the G League is trying to find new ways to allow young players to develop within their league. In fact, they are starting a brand new program that includes a "Select Team" full of young high school prospects who have decided to forego college. One of the first players to join the team is none other than the number one high school prospect Jalen Green. 

Now, the G League is looking to secure a training hub for the team and it seems like they are looking no further than Kobe Bryant's Mamba Sports Academy. According to Chris Haynes, a deal has not yet been put into place although it is looking increasingly likely that the Mamba Sports Academy will play host to this groundbreaking new team.

"Although the partnership with the Mamba Sports Academy is not official with other venues still being considered, the committed prep stars and the those still deliberating joining the G League are of the mindset that they will be training at the academy for the 2020-21 season," Haynes wrote.

If this goes through, this will certainly be a huge move that speaks to the legacy of Kobe Bryant. We're sure he'd be proud to see those young players making a name for themselves at his facility.