Over the last few years, the NCAA has come under fire for the way it treats its student-athletes, particularly those who play football and basketball. In retaliation to this, some high school prospects have gone to play for teams that are overseas. In fact, the G-League has even created a new development program for players who would like to go through their system instead of going to college.

This G-League program received a huge win today as it was revealed that number 1 high school prospect Jalen Green would be joining the G-League and foregoing all of his college offers. As ESPN reported today, Green could make upwards of $500K and will be able to train with veteran ballplayers. Needless to say, Green will be in a much better situation and won't have to undergo the college course grind.


This could set a massive precedent that could have a ripple effect on all of college basketball. If more high-level players decide to go straight to the G-League, the NCAA could miss out on revenue. Not to mention, it could even lead to a decline in ratings.

Needless to say, Green just made a hard yet profitable decision that could lead a lot of others down his path.