For months, Kim Kardashian has been working on receiving a law degree so that she can have more of an impact on criminal justice reform. She has been working closely with Van Jones on criminal cases, using what she's learned to her advantage and already quietly freeing several low-level offenders from their long-term sentences. The next case that the reality star is looking at is pretty serious. Kevin Cooper has been on death row since the early 80s and he has always maintained his innocence. The 61-year-old is accused of murdering four people: two parents, their ten-year-old daughter and her friend. Back in October, Kardashian started looking into the case and this week, she met with Cooper face-to-face to see what she could do.

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According to TMZ, Cooper's case may have been tampered with by the police after evidence was allegedly planted to frame Cooper for the murders. The convicted killer is waiting on the results of a DNA test, which will prove his innocence if all goes in the right direction. One of the main reasons why Cooper was found guilty is because of a t-shirt that was presented during his trial, which supposedly belonged to the killer, which contained his blood on it. After looking further into the evidence, it was determined that the blood was planted on the shirt from the inside of a test tube.

As reported by DailyMail, Kim Kardashian has freed as many as seventeen inmates since focusing on legal work. Her meeting with Kevin Cooper was reportedly just so they could get acquainted as he waits for results.

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