As we know, Alice Marie Johnson is the former prison inmate who was granted clemency after Kim Kardashian went to the White House to speak with Donald Trump about prison reform. Alice was the first person Kim got released and since then she's helped at least 17 inmates with low-level offenses see the light of day.  

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

TMZ recently spoke with Alice Marie Johnson about Kim and how she's received backlash since announcing her plans to become a lawyer. As we assumed, Alice is nothing but proud of Kim for everything she's done and is about to do. "Kim took a great risk at the time, with going to the White House in terms of her brand. As you know, celebrities who were going were not being treated very well on social media," Alice explained. 

"But Kim said she didn't care, she always wanted to see me free and whatever that took she was going to do it. I'm so proud of her for following her passion. My case has awakened something in Kim."

Alice further explains how her case was a catalyst to wake up Kim's true passion, something she's very serious about. Alice's memoir After Life: My Journey From Incarceration To Freedom is now available with a passage written by Kim herself.