Entertainment's most notorious power couple has drawn much criticism from the court of public opinion. Nevertheless, the union of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian deserves credit. They've come this far, and appear to be anchored by a mutual loyalty and appreciation for one another. Now, on Kanye West's 41st birthday, Kim Kardashian has tweeted out a public declaration of love to her husband of four years:

"Happy Birthday babe @kanyewest !!!!! It’s been a wild year but we’re here & life is good! So proud of you dropping back to back albums & fulfilling your dreams. You inspire me to make the impossible always become a reality. Love you"

A Gemini through and through, Kanye West has clearly been enjoying a birthday for the ages. Back to back albums culminated in Kids See Ghosts, a lush and whimsical collaboration with longtime collaborator Kid Cudi. Early reactions seem to signal a positive experience from start to finish, although with seven songs, that's to be expected. Either way, Kanye West has continued to prove his worth to the game.

Even after everyone seemed to turn on him, it would appear he has bounced back with a new wave of creativity. Happy birthday Yeezy!