Cheating is bad. Kids learn this at a young age. The churchgoing ones are even taught that offenders can earn death by stoning. Of course, this concept is archaic and no longer practiced in most communities. Modern technology allows for a virtual version of stone casting. When social media users heard of Tristan Thompson's tryst with Jordyn Woods they hardly held back. Given the athlete's long list of previous infidelities, Twitter focused on Woods as a fresh target.

 Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Twitter users dragged the young entrepreneur for apparently hooking up with Khloe Kardashian's partner and betraying her best friend, Kylie Jenner, in the process. The mob has since grown tired of their mission and decided to shift gears. The reality television stars are now being mocked for their own sideline h*e stints. Kim Kardashian made the cut as well. View the "fresh" perspectives below.

The new consensus views Jordyn Woods actions as a victious play in a game the Kar-Jenner crew has been dominating for years. While she could very well be a pawn in a narrative that is often attributed to Kris Jenner's cunning manipulation, Jordyn Woods is being perceived as having pulled the ultimate stunt in true Kardashian-like form.