The world is currently in a weird place. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, reports began floating around last week that Kim Jong Un died. This arrived after weeks of speculation surrounding Kim Jong Un's health, though South Korea has repeatedly shot down these rumors. Last week, North Korea debunked all of the theories surrounding Kim Jong Un by releasing photos of the North Korean leader to prove that nothing is out of the ordinary, despite what the media is saying.

Carl Court/Getty Images

Louise Mensch, a former conservative in the UK government isn't buying it, though. She tweeted out a side-by-side picture of Kim Jong Un pointing out the apparent differences in the recently released photos. She pointed out that his teeth and brows aren't the same, though TMZ quickly debunked her theory. After obtaining the actual photo, they realized Mensch's photo was actually doctored. The actual photo doesn't show any of the differences that Mensch pointed out.

Perhaps, the status of Kim Jong Un's death would've been less complicated had she not suggest that he has a body double pretending to be him. After all, the media in North Korea is run by the government so ultimately, this could be more of a PR move than actual journalistic proof that Kim Jong Un is alive and well in the midst of rumors of his death.