Killer Mike has been at the forefront of a collective movement to promote social change, specifically his call for people to start supporting black-owned banks such as Citizen's Trust Bank, the largest black financial institute in the country.

In an effort to influence others to support his cause, Killer Mike has publicly called out Michael Jordan to send the recent profits from last weekend's "Tinker Alternate" Air Jordan 7 into black-owned banks.

In his instagram post, which featured a pair of the upcoming "Olympic" Air Jordan 5s, Killer Mike thanked MJ for his generous $2 million donations but also urged him to support his cause, while laying out the blueprint for how others can stay fresh, save their cash, and help build their credit score. 

Jordan just recently broke his silence on the ongoing racial tensions in our country, which included the aforementioned donations, so we'd be surprised if he doubled down with another high-profile move stemming from profits of his Air Jordan 7s- but you can't knock Killer Mike for politely encouraging one of the most influential celebrities to support his movement. 

Dear MJ #23, on the behalf of black people and cops (I have loved ones who are both) thanks for the million dollars to the NAACP & Police Orgs. Now we wud like to Challenge you to send the profits of this Olympic Jordan Drop Into a Black Financial Institution. We know that with your example other Players will follow. I'm sure Jim Brown, Kareem & Bill Russell will agree. Love ya man. U truly were/are the greatest. *********************************** Black People and Allies of black people instead of buying this or any shoe. (1) Start an account with a black bank or credit union. (2) Save 300 bucks and get a secured credit card (#citzenstrustbank has a good one). (3). Charge these or any shoe, pay your bill on time building your credit. This way u r fresh as u wanna be, saving your actual cash and building your credit score. That way these shoes are a tool for your empowerment and not something that chains you into poverty. ************************************* I hope MJ and Us, Do The Right Thing!

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