Over the weekend, Killer Mike faced some serious criticism after an interview with the NRA was posted on the web. It caused controversy due to his take on gun control and the "March For Life" which happened around the same time. Initially, the rapper doubled down on his comments and said that the interview itself had to do with black gun owners rather than gun control and the Parkland shooting. He later issued an apology about his interview being used as a way to "disparage a noble campaign." Now, the full interview with Killer Mike and the NRA has surfaced.

Killer Mike took to Instagram to share that the full interview he did with NRA TV has been posted. 

"I’m off the “whipping post” but for all that care about truth @colionnoir put the full convo about “African American Gun ownership” up." He wrote on Instagram. "@naaga_natl gets a major shout out and blacks are encouraged to Join it as I have as an alternative to the NRA. Thanks to all who kept the “Faith” in me. Your words were read and love was felt. To all the mob that yelled “hang him”. I will never forget y’all too. 😉 The link is in my profile. Love and Respect to all."

The interview adds more context to the initial conversation that was posted. Check the full interview out below.