Killer Mike was lucky enough to attend the very exclusive White House Correspondents Dinner last night, getting invite through The Huffington Post. There's probably no rapper who deserves a trip to the government building more than the Southern half of Run The Jewels, and he made the most of the opportunity by documenting the whole night on Twitter and Instagram.

From suiting up for the occasion, to wishing he had smoked a little more weed (in a Gucci Mane voice), Mike made what was probably a pretty mundane event a lot of fun, at least for us viewing from home. While he unfortunately get into any heated debates over dinner, he capped things off with a Run The Jewels-pose selfie with Ariana Huffington, which makes our Saturday night look pretty unimportant.

On top of that, the rapper announced he'll have some upcoming writing on Huffington Post, so stay tuned for some Killer Mike thinkpieces coming your way. 

Check out some of his posts from the event below.