Fox Sports 1 host - and noted LeBron James troll - Skip Bayless recently hopped in an icy tub as part of Kevin Hart's Youtube series, "Cold As Balls," to discuss a number of topics with the comedic rockstar including his never-ending LeBron hatred. However, Bayless says he actually likes LeBron and just wishes he "had a little bit more basketball killer in him."

The "Cold As Balls" exchange went something like this (H/T USA Today):

Hart: Got him uncomfortable. Now it’s time to ask the hard-hitting question. WHY DO YOU HATE LEBRON?

Bayless: I like LeBron.

Hart: You hate LeBron!

Bayless: I do not. I think he’s actually a very nice guy. In fact, I think he’s too nice of a guy. I wish he had a little bit more basketball killer in him. I don’t think he has enough.

The conversation naturally shifted to a LeBron vs. MJ debate, something Skip has debated an exhausting number of times throughout his days on ESPN's "First Take" and FS1's "Undisputed."

Bayless: It just turns my stomach when all these blind witnesses try to delude themselves and the basketball public into believing that LeBron James is better than Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Who would win a one-on-one game between those two?

Hart:Michael Jordan’s 85!

Bayless: In their prime. Who wins?

Hart: In their prime, nobody beats Michael Jordan because he’s Michael Jordan.

Check out the full episode in the video embedded below.