Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving got to share the court for the very first time on Wednesday night as they took on the Cleveland Cavaliers in what turned out to be a spirited matchup. In fact, the Cavaliers actually came away with the win as they triumphed in a double-overtime thriller that ended with a score of 147-135. Defensively, it was a bad night for the Nets although they excelled on offense, with every single member of their Big 3 putting in work. If you're a Nets fan, it was an exciting night.

Immediately following the game, Durant spoke to the media about the game and what it was like to share the court with his new teammates. As he explained, it's still a learning process although he felt right at home and he truly thinks this team is ready to do some big damage.

“It felt right. It felt perfect. It felt like we belong together,” Durant said per Yahoo! Sports. “It felt like this journey together is going to be fun. Tough first start … it was an up and down game for us. But I like where we are.”

It remains to be seen what this Nets team can do, although for now, they are looking promising especially as their chemistry was on point against the Cavs.

Brooklyn Nets

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