Sunday evening (June 30th), free agents across the NBA announced their decisions for the upcoming season, most notably with Kevin Durant revealing his choice to walk away from the Golden State Warriors and join the Brooklyn Nets.

After much anticipation, the time has come for fans and experts alike to chime in on the current state of basketball as star players shake franchises up with the decisions that they have made. Keep up with the latest in free agency deals down below.

Kevin Durant Is Headed to The Nets

Kevin Durant officially announced his deal with the Brooklyn Nets via The Board Room's Instagram page. This means that fans could see a KD and Kyrie Irving pairing this season in the East. Durant's deal is currently a max contract of $164 million over the next four years.


Kemba Walker Is Joining The Celtics

With Kyrie Irving leaving Boston, the squad has made room for Kemba Walker in a max deal of $141 million for four years. It signals Walker's departure from the Charlotte Hornets and poises him to be a franchise player for his new team.


Derrick Rose Resigns With The Pistons

The Pistons have made the decision to grant Derrick Rose with another $15 million for two years.

JJ Reddick Sign With The Pelicans

JJ Reddick will be joining on with the New Orleans Pelicans for two years, set to sign on for a $26.5 million deal.

Harrison Barnes Agrees To Sign With Kings

According to Excel Sports agent Jeff Schwartz, Harrison Barnes will be inking an $85 million deal with the Sacramento Kings for four years.

Terrence Ross To Return to Orlando Magic

Terrence Ross has decided not to join any other the top contenders that were courting him, choosing to stick with the Magic in a four-year deal worth $54 million. 

Terry Rozier Headed To Charlotte

As Kemba Walker departs from Charlotte for Boston, Celtics star Terry Rozier has agreed to a three-year $58 million contract with the Hornets via a reported sign-and-trade.

Bojan Bogdanovic To Sign With Jazz

Bojan Bogdanovic of the Pacers has agreed to head to the Utah Jazz in a four year deal for $73 million.