Kyrie Irving had all of NBA Twitter talking yesterday after he appeared on one of Kevin Durant's podcasts. During the episode, Kyrie talked about his new partnership with KD and how he feels that for the first time in his career, he is playing with someone who can actually make clutch shots. As one would imagine, these comments proved controversial as fans took these words as a slight to the legendary LeBron James. Since his comments blew up, Kyrie took to Twitter where he told the media to calm down.

On ESPN's Get Up!, Kendrick Perkins and Jay Williams took issue with Kyrie's words, as it became quite clear that Irving wanted to single out LeBron. Perkins was particularly offended by the LeBron slander, noting that Kyrie was nothing in the league prior to LeBron's arrival in Cleveland and that LeBron has made plenty of clutch shots throughout the postseason.

Perkins also noted that it is quite obvious Kyrie was talking about LeBron, even if the superstar is trying to deflect and say he meant no harm. Even Williams had to agree with Perkins here as he pointed out that there is no other person Irving could have been talking about, other than LeBron.

Needless to say, Irving has created quite the situation with his words.