Jeremy Lin came into the NBA with a ton of promise and unfortunately, it didn't lead to the lucrative career he was hoping for. Lin has bounced around the league for years and even got to play for the Championship-winning Toronto Raptors this past season. Now, Lin is a Free Agent and it doesn't seem like there are any teams out there who want to give him much of a chance. During a recent appearance in Taiwan, Lin spoke about these struggles and how he feels.

"In English, there's a saying and it says, 'Once you hit rock bottom the only way is up,'" Lin said. "But rock bottom seems to be getting more and more rock bottom for me. So, free agency has been tough 'cause I feel like in some ways the NBA has given up on me."

Kendrick Perkins noticed these comments and took to Twitter to offer some support to Lin while also advising those currently in the league to appreciate what they have because it can be taken away at any moment.

Perkins is a player who knows what it feels like to be in Lin's position so the advice will most certainly be appreciated. If Lin can't find an NBA team anytime soon, it's safe to say he will have to go play overseas where the opportunities seem to be more plentiful.