Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant have had their history with one another. For those who don't remember, Perkins and Durant actually got to play with one another on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Eventually, both players went their separate ways, and now, Perkins is a member of the media for ESPN. A while back, Perkins upset Durant after claiming that Russell Westbrook is the better player in the context of the Thunder's franchise history. This led to a social media back and forth, with neither player being able to repair the friendship.

During a recent Sports Illustrated cover story by Chris Mannix, Perkins spoke about his brief public feud with KD, and how he finds the Brooklyn Nets star to be a bit too sensitive. Perkins noted that he has to criticize people as a member of the media and that Durant's response to it all is immature.

OKC Thunder

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

“Think about this. I’m still cool with all my friends, everybody from the NBA family I still could call, I still go to dinner with, I still hang with, we still good people. They know I got a job to do. Except for one person. That’s Kevin Durant," Perkins said. "So guess what? That tells me that I’m doing my job well and I’m staying loyal to my brotherhood. Especially the people that I know. Only sensitive guys get mad because you got to talk about them in the media.”

Perkins has ruffled quite a few feathers during his time with ESPN although it's quite obvious he doesn't care who he offends. No matter what, he'll continue to do his thing.