Kendrick Perkins has ruffled quite a few feathers during his time as an NBA analyst. Perkins isn't afraid to critique people whenever he gets the chance and that's exactly what he's been doing with Kyrie Irving as of late. Of course, Kyrie tried to convince his peers not to attend the NBA bubble city in Orlando as there are much better things to talk about and worry about right now. Perkins felt as though this take was insane and voiced some strong opinions in which he called Irving a "bird brain."

Kevin Durant took issue with these comments and recently called Perkins a "sellout." From there, he took to Twitter and retweeted a hilarious video in which Perkins hits a wide-open air ball. Simply put, KD is making his stance on Perkins very clear.

This wouldn't be the first time KD has engaged in Twitter antics to propel a beef forward. Durant has been known to use his Twitter account in unique ways, especially since the infamous "burner" account incident that remains a legendary moment in the platform's storied history.

Considering Durant and Irving are teammates, we're sure their solidarity won't be stopping anytime soon. Much to the chagrin of Perkins, the war is only beginning.