Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky were recently at DJ Whoo Kid's show where they discussed a number of different things. During the interview the "Poetic Justice" video subject came up and Rocky decided to give his take on the situation, and whether or not Janet Jackson would do the video. 

Rocky thinks that Janet would definitely support the video just to show support for the culture.

"On some real shit, I think she'd do it to support the culture," said Rocky.

Kendrick would go on to elaborate stating that it would be ideal to have her in the video.

"That's definitely been our idea since day one, since we did the song," Kendrick said. "We're trying to put it in the works. "

One thing that was also apparent through the conversation is that there are close ties between the A$AP mob and TDE as both artists expressed how they support each other like brothers. 

Rocky went on to explain further expressing to fans that it goes beyond music and record sales isn't a part of the equation.

"It's genuine," Rocky said. "We're really trying to support eachother as brothers."

You can catch the rest of the interview down below.