Kendrick Lamar isn't often the subject of tabloid/gossip sites, however, every artist seems to encounter a lawsuit at some point or another in their rising career. K. Dot's facing a new lawsuit according to TMZ, over his Section.80 record "Rigamortis."

The horn-filled jazzy record was definitely a stand-out, however, now two other artists are claiming they did it first. Eric Reed and Willie Jones III state in the new suit that they came up with "The Thorn" back in 2011 which offers a similar instrumental and rhythm as the one heard in "Rigamortis." In fact, the duo claim that the instrumental is more than similar-- it's the exact same, and K. Dot simply rhymed over it, without giving either of them credit (or money). 

They are suing Kendrick for $1 million, plus all the rights and profits to "Rigamortis." Compare both records below.