Kendrick Lamar has been kind of stingy with sharing new music this year, leaking tracks off his untitled album sparingly. The two official singles he has shared, "i" and "The Blacker the Berry," are enough to get most of us hype for what's to come, and fiend for more (so the plan is working). It's safe to say that if Kendrick decided to give us an album preview, we'd probably be foaming at the mouth. 

The one lucky fan who had this exact opportunity last night appears to be relatively relaxed about it though, probably because he's the son of Michael Jackson so this is just life. Prince Jackson took to his twitter to share a photo of him and K. Dot, tweeting, "Had the great honor of meeting Kendrick and hearing some of his new tracks for his upcoming album." Jackson's friend, Omer Bhatti, also had the same privilege, writing on Facebook, "Such a great pleasure meeting @kendricklamar last night and hearing him play some new tracks for his upcoming album. Humble guy and the Music is on another level." It should be noted Bhatti included a fire emoji at the end of his caption, so we can probably assume this new music was very hot(tttt).

[via XXL]