Kendall Jenner is no stranger to nudity. The world renown model has tastefully been a part of several nude photo shoots that free the nipple and expose her body, most recently doing so for Love Magazine last month. Well on Tuesday, another couple photos leaked online prematurely of Kendall running naked on a beach & riding a horse, which of course has sent twitter into a frenzy over.

The photos are taken from photographer Russell James upcoming book “Angels,” which Kendall striped bare for. It’s reported that the book, which isn't out yet, will feature a lot more photos of naked Kendall, including her climbing a tree, lounging in a pool and riding a horse bareback, the latter of which leaked online Tuesday. The pictures are done tastefully and from a credible photographer too. James’ "Angels" collection was celebrated last week in NYC at a party co-hosted by Cindy Crawford and Candice Swanepoel, so don't expect to see any mirror selfies here.

Unfortunately, HNHH is unable to share these photos with you, but if you simply search on Twitter or Instagram you can easily find them.

Of course, people are having a field day the pictures, mostly confused as for why she’s riding a horse naked with no saddle, but we went ahead and compiled some of the best reactions from Twitter for y’all to check out. Have a good laugh at them (below).