Kehlani is a well-rounded sweetheart. She fiercely returns the love her fans show her daily. Today, they were dipped in excitement when the artist confirmed that she is working on her very own a podcast. When a Twitter user inquired about the possibility of such a production, the artist responded within minutes.

Some fans are already speculating about the podcast's format, wondering if she might integrate her music into the project. Still, it seems her fanbase appreciates her "wisdom" even when it is shared outside of her musical endeavors.

Here are are few subjects outside of music that is likely to appear in Kehlani's podcast based on how she interacts with her following on social media.

1. Self-Care 

The artist likes to remind her fans to practice gratitude. She is also an advocate for mental and spiritual healing.

2. Tattoos

Kehlani is recognizable in part for her body artwork. The tatted babe makes sure to educate her fans about the origins of tattoos so it wouldn't be surprising for the entertainer to dish out her knowledge about the art form.

3. Astrology

Like many of her contemporaries, the Californian singer is in tune with the stars and openly discusses how she views herself and the world through the craft of astrology.