Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant trolled his teammate Kyrie Irving, after the point guard burnt sage in TD Garden prior to the team's matchup with the Boston Celtics.

Kyrie IRving, Kevin DurantMaddie Meyer / Getty Images

Durant commented on the practice following the Nets' 113-89 preseason win over the Celtics:

That’s his thing. I mean, Ky probably sages his room before 2K at home. So, that’s just what he does and I think that gives us good energy. He does that in the locker room. That’s his thing and we all respect it and we respect his methods. He comes down and plays really hard for us.

Irving started performing burning sage on his recent Instagram Live sessions.

"It just comes from a lot of native tribes," Irving said after the game, explaining the move. "Being able to sage, just cleanse the energy, make sure that we're all balanced. When we come into this job, we come into this place, it's not anything that I don't do at home that I did today. I saged last game, and I plan to sage almost every game if the opposing team will allow me to."

The first regular-season opportunity Irving will have to burn sage prior to tipoff will be at home against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday.