Kawhi Leonard toyed with the entire NBA this past week before finally deciding to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. It seemed as though every pundit had him going to either the Lakers or the Raptors but no one had him going to the Clippers. In true Leonard fashion, he kept quiet, moved like a mob boss, and even brought Paul George along for the ride. With the addition of Leonard and George, the Clippers are automatic contenders in an already stacked Western Conference.

In a report from ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, it was revealed that Leonard's plan was always to end up with the Clippers and that in the midst of his recruitment of Paul George, he was also trying to get Kevin Durant on the team. As Shelburne explains, Durant was surprised that Leonard had given him a call and was appreciative of the effort.

At that point, Durant had already made up his mind that he would be signing in Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving, although one can just imagine what a Clippers team with KD and Kawhi would have looked like. 

For the next few years, the Clippers and Nets will be championship contenders so perhaps one day we'll get to see both teams in the NBA Finals.