Kawhi Leonard is an interesting man for a lot of reasons. During his time with the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi's robotic nature was certainly on full display, especially during the playoffs when they went on their run to the NBA title. I mean, who can forget all of those "Board man gets paid" stories from his college years? Luckily, Kawhi was able to turn his quirky personality into a business venture, as many of his quotes were plastered on New Balance merch. 

A few months ago, a bizarre story surfaced online, which alleged that one time, Kawhi showed up to a team meal with 12 red apples and ate them with a knife and fork. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's Late Night show, the comedian asked Kawhi about the story, and as you would expect, it was completely false.

"Who came up with that story right there?" Kawhi asked. " I do have an apple tree but I didn't pick my apples and bring them to dinner."

While Kimmel was recounting the story, Leonard had a huge smile on his face which tells you that he found the whole thing pretty amusing. At the time, the story went viral on social media, and for some odd reasons, there were fans who actually believed it. Perhaps it speaks to just how much of an enigma Leonard really is.

Kawhi Leonard

Harry How/Getty Images