Kawhi Leonard was an absolute monster in his first season with the Toronto Raptors and led them to their first ever NBA Championship. Leonard was able to take down the Golden State Warriors dynasty in the process which earned the star praise from fans across America, excluding California, of course. Today, the Raptors will be celebrating their championship with a parade throughout the streets of Toronto. As you would imagine, all of the players will be on the float greeting the fans who supported the squad through thick and thin this year.

One of the biggest draws of the entire parade is Leonard who already appears to be cutting loose. Kawhi has been criticized in the past for not showing very much emotion but when you win a championship, you can't help but crack a bit of a smile.

Leonard has been seen puffing a huge cigar all morning as he wears his New Balance "Board Man Gets Paid" shirt. Not only is Kawhi letting loose, but he's also embracing the memes that surround him. Raptors fans will interpret that as him wanting to stay in the city but they should probably proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, a Kawhi lookalike has been taking to the streets to fool fans into thinking he's the real Finals MVP. Stay safe Raptors fans.