Everyone was tuned in to the final two episodes of "The Last Dance" last night and with good reason. We got to watch Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals during back-to-back seasons. Of course, the two stars of the Jazz at that time were none other than John Stockton and Karl Malone. While Stockton is respected as a great point guard, Malone doesn't seem to get much recognition as the second-highest scorer in NBA history. Although, as many people on Twitter found out last night, there is a good reason why.

Malone allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old by the name of Gloria Bell, when he was 20 years old. She eventually gave birth to a child named Demetrius who is allegedly Malone's son. In an ESPN story from Jemele Hill that was published 12 years ago, it was revealed that the allegations were proven to credible since there was an actual DNA test given.

If you're wondering why Malone was never interviewed for "The Last Dance," or why he is never talked about in GOAT conversations, now you understand why. His reprehensible past is something people rightfully consider when talking about his legacy.

As soon as Malone was talked about in "The Last Dance," Twitter users hopped on the platform to remind people of his past. In the reactions below, you can see just how much his past has destroyed his solid NBA career.