Michael Jordan has been a huge topic of conversation as of late thanks to the ESPN documentary "The Last Dance." Every Sunday, two new episodes have aired and they have all been quite good. New information continues to be divulged and unfortunately, last night, the final two episodes made it to air. Now, our Sundays will be reduced to boredom, once again.

During Episode 9, one of the biggest stories was Reggie Miller and how the Indiana Pacers brought the Bulls to seven games in the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals. In the end, the Bulls came out on top, and Miller had to relive it all. As teammate Jalen Rose described during a podcast with director Jason Hehir, Miller originally didn't want to be a part of "The Last Dance" and needed to be convinced to do it. Eventually, he gave in knowing it would be a big moment.

“Interviewing Reggie, as somebody who played with him, I was trying to initially get him to interview for this doc. He didn’t want to do it. It was too much pain,” Rose said.

If you're a Pacers fan, last night wasn't easy but it was even harder for Jazz fans who had to watch MJ beat them in the Finals two years in a row.