The Kanye West album rollout continues to be one of 2018's more intriguing, and admittedly confusing narratives. Yet, for all the plot twists and inherently political nature, it remains entertaining nevertheless. One of the more recent developments was the reveal of the project's potential album cover, which Kanye revealed through an iMessage conversation with "Wes." The cover in question was a photograph of Donda West's surgeon Jan Adams; for some context, Donda unfortunately passed away after post operation complications. While the move raised eyebrows, Kanye seemed to think that using Adams' likeness as an album cover would bring him closure over his mother's death.

To be fair, being immortalized as an album cover might not sit well with certain people. Earlier today, The Blast reached out to Adams for his thoughts on the whole debacle. Interestingly enough, Adams seemed to channel Kanye in his mysticism, keeping things equal parts ambiguous and hype inducing. "It's a Macguffen," says Adams, reportedly.

Should you not be up to speed with the lingo, refer to the Wikipedia definition of the term, which was popularized by Alfred Hitchcock "a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation." 

To be honest, it's not exactly clear what Adams means by busting out the term. As for his actual emotions regarding Ye's impeding decision, the jury is still out. Perhaps he's signalling that he understands his role in Kanye's larger love-centric message; if so, it may very well be that he's okay with it. Amidst all the madness, this whole thing is starting to feel like one giant movie, with Kanye at the helm. It's not a question of who's an actor in said movie, but more appropriately, who isn't.